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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

No desk? Try organizing your papers and desk accessories on a cart instead.
[I don't have a proper desk at home, but would still like an organized, easy-to-get-to space to keep all my files and office supplies. This rolling cart with bins and baskets is a great little organizer that doesn't take up much space!]

Baked Apples Stuffed with Cinnamon Date Pecan Oatmeal
[I stopped dead in my tracks and wanted to make this recipe the second I saw it: Baked apples stuffed with cinnamon-date-pecan oatmeal. Does that not sound like the most perfect winter-weekend breakfast ever?? I'm practically drooling over it already.]

the perfect top for leggings and boots
[The season of flowy tops, skinnies and boots is upon us! I happen to love this look - and especially love how comfy it is, too! This just may be the perfect shirt to pair with some skinny jeans and boots - casual yet still polished!]

Gamine Collared Dress #anthropologie
[I tried to fight the Peter-Pan collar trend for a while but I have to say its won me over. I mean, just look how sweet it looks on this adorable Anthro dress! Love the bold colors, as well.]

Cinnabar Dress from BHLDN
[I love how fiery this red lace dress is, while remaining somewhat modest. It's the perfect bold, spicy-sweet dress. And I am CRAZY over it... that crimson rose lace? Fetching.]

[Taking things on a more casual turn, I love every little detail of this outfit, from the colors to the casual blazer right down to the flashy little flats.]

WI Cook with Pride Cast Iron Skillet.... THIS. IS. AWESOME.
[I saw this incredible Wisconsin-shaped skillet flipping through the pages of October's Martha Stewart Living magazine and went gaga instantly. Not only is it a super-cool product, but they are made in Madison, Wisconsin... and don't fear, anyone else who'd love one of these as their own, Felion Studios makes a skillet shaped for every state! (I'm just squealing over the thought of how adorable Ohio, The-Heart-of-it-All-shaped pancakes would be!!)

Lightning to 30-pin Adapter - Apple Store (U.S.)
[My flashy new iPhone 5 arrived last week and, yes, I adore it. The only thing I don't adore is how I can't use any of my old cords, chargers or accessories with the new phone (which is the first version of iPhone, iPod or iPad to not use 30-pin)... rather than buy all new accessories (which I'm sure I'll eventually end up doing in the future), I'd like one of these lightning adapters so I can use all the Apple accessories I've collected over the years!]

Faux Bois Pumpkin
[I had grand plans last week to recreate this incredible wood-grain pumpkin.... but then I procrastinated and then it got late and then I felt uninspired.... so a jolly pumpkin face it was. But I LOVE the look of this pumpkin! And vow to carve this next year.... or at least think really hard about wanting to carve it again...]

Magazine rack on cabinet door to store cutting boards
[We've got a serious kitchen storage situation at home... in that we have, like, a third of what we need. I love this trick of installing a magazine rack to the inside of a cabinet door to maximize every square inch of space. The perfect solution for cutting boards!]

Their backdrop is something else. Awesome!

[While I'm super in love with that nails-and-string backdrop behind the couple, I'm pretty crazy over their entire wedding. It's seriously incredible with so many personal, DIY touches.]

Meet the wedding party. Cute idea!
[I think this is such a creative touch - if you're a good artist. Include a sketch of the bridal party's faces in the wedding program by their name!]

Perfect wedding shoes!
[So I'm pretty ga-ga over these adorable wedding shoes... They would fit *perfectly* with my wedding colors and "feel!" What's more, the wedding these shoes belong to is just adorable. I'm a huge fan!]

[they may be way different than the shoes above, but these Victorian-inspired beauties would make such a lovely wedding shoe, as well. Gorgeous!]

Such a cute idea/sentiment... bonus points for the bride's name.
[I'm 100% in love with this idea: If the groom is buying his suit, stitch a little patch into it with this sweet sentiment... he'll smile every time he wears the suit after! (Oh, and bonus points for the bride's name in this picture...)]

[Poor, fluffy kitty.... Not only does he (she?) have the endure the "cone of shame," but it does nothing for its fur.... (also.... why is he/she standing on a snowboard?)]
seriously, tina.
[Liz Lemon is filled with words of wisdom, and she is right on point here. Does anyone actually say the word "lover?" I kind of shuttered typing it just now.... But Meat Lover Pizza?? That's acceptable. HIGHLY acceptable.]

There are plenty more where these came from! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest!

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