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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

Add lighting without wall damage.  And when you move, it goes along too!
[This is such a cool idea. Rather than doing a lot of tricky wiring through the wall, set two old doors on either side of the bed and install a sconce on each!]

Mrs. Godfrey Chair by Jonathan Adler
[I love this mid-century-style chair by Jonathan Adler. The fabric and its texture is wonderful, and I love its simple lines and low profile!]

pumpkin pie fudge brownie bars
[I'm pretty sure I pin a recipe like this every year around this time.... and yet, I've still never baked it. This may be the year I finally make this delectable-looking pumpkin-pie fudge brownie bars.]

Mexican hot chocolate cookies ... spicy, chocolate perfection.  #IDBaking
[I love Mexican hot chocolate... its hint of spice totally transforms the taste of chocolate and makes it extra cozy. So these Mexican hot chocolate cookies would be absolutely perfect to bake on a chilly winter day!]

Easy, healthy homemade fruit snacks! (and no impossible-to-pronounce chemicals necessary!) :)
[Even at my age, I still love fruit snacks... I just can't help it. But those neon-colored, pre-packaged fruit snacks at grocery stores are all just sugar and chemicals... this recipe shows you the surprisingly easy way to make your own fruit snacks at home.... with all ingredients you can actually pronounce!]

[I am crazy over this dress... beautiful lace and that sheer high neckline. Stunning!]

Khaki Pleated Belted Skirt,  Skirt, pleated skirt  belted, Casual
[This skirt is just so cute for fall. It would pair perfectly with sweater tights and a simple long-sleeved top, or a peter-pan-collared shirt!]

genteel gloves | BHLDN
[These gloves are so ultra femme.... I love them! That little bow on the ring finger is such a sweet touch.]

Shoe box & toilet paper tubes = storage for pens and other office/art supplies
[A shoebox and toilet paper rolls... the perfect, cheap-as-dirt desktop organizer for office supplies!]

Dinosaur tails. If I ever have a boy we are 100% making these. Adorable!
[These homemade dinosaur tails are about the cutest little things I've ever seen. If I had a little boy I'd stitch one of these up immediately!]

advent calendar
[I didn't realize until I looked back at my Christmas board, but apparently I pinned this same clothespin advent calendar last year! Well, I still love it a year later, so maybe someday I'll actually make it!]

Advent-Calendar from mini-muffin pan and magnetic circles
[Isn't this such a creative advent calendar idea? Hide a little gift in a mini muffin pan and cover with a magnetic circle. Super clever and fun!]

A great dessert table!
[I really like this dessert table and the salved materials they used throughout the display.]

Chalkboard Wine Bottles DIY
[I love the idea of using chalkboard paint on wine bottles for decoration. You could even write the drink menu on these and sit them up at the bar!]

a popcorn bar with a lineup of faves including kettle corn, caramel and butter. yum!  Photography by laurenkirkbridephotography.com, Coordination by lastingimpressionsweddings.com, Floral Design by sadiesfloral.com
[My love for popcorn is not a secret to anyone. It's right up there in my top three snacks, and I've been going back and forth on whether to have a popcorn bar at our wedding. I love the idea of setting out a handful of different flavors so your guests can mix and match!]

Whoa.... now this is a wedding photo!
[Talk about a wedding crasher! I absolutely adore this gorgeous blooper photo.]

Bernedoodle...Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle.
[Meet the Bernadoodle. A Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle mix. I want this dog in my life. I want to hug him forever.]

[Or if I can't get a Bernadoodle.... how about a baby joey in a diaper? With a poor hurt foot?! Poor little guy!]

There are plenty more where these came from! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest!

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