A Very Buckeye Christmas

Well, we're back in Wisconsin after a whirlwind trip to Ohio to spend Christmas with my family. It was a fun stretch of 4.5 days, and just nice to be "home." It seems like the whole trip just flew by!

We left dark and early Saturday morning (out the door before 6am!) and were surprised with smooth traffic and a mostly uneventful drive.

But after nearly six hours, we were more than ready to arrive!

The long weekend consisted of plenty of eating.
My favorite local pork chops (Winner's marinated).

And no visit to Greenville is complete without a stop at the Maid-Rite (a Big Jim for me!)

We also enjoyed some extra-special beverages, including my favorite Christmas beer and the customary Christmas Eve Belini (not pictured).

My family loves board games, so there was no shortage of game time. Two of our favorites were "Eye to Eye" and "You've Been Sentenced!"
I'm especially fond of "You've Been Sentenced," because it's all about creating grammatically-correct sentences with given words on cards.... perfect for a word nerd like me. Let the record show that I went undefeated.

 Christmas Day was filled with plenty of gift giving...

...and receiving!

The day after Christmas, we received a late gift: A blizzard!
Although I'm not sure my dad thought it was much of a "gift" at this very moment...

We got nearly a foot of snow the day after Christmas - the roads were a mess!

So, because we were stuck inside, we had to make our own fun. The "Triple Cat Hold," consisting of Mr. Pancakes, Lieu Lieu and my parents' cat, Molly, had been in the works all week. Neither cat is too fond of the others, so we knew we were in trouble from the get go. Here is what ensued when my brother tried to hold all three cats.... in one second.
Triple Cat Fail.

After all the fun of the Triple Cat Hold, we realized the weekend just couldn't get any more exciting, so we knew it was time to head home.

I never feel like I have enough time when I'm spending time at my parents' house. Never get to see everyone I want to see or do all the things I want to do! But I'm so thankful to have such a fun, happy Christmas spent with my family and friends. Until next time, Ohio!

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