I knew in a moment...

It's St. Nick's Day!

Does St. Nick visit your house on December 6th? Growing up, I never celebrated St. Nick's Day... really, I'd never even heard of the St. Nick tradition until I moved to Wisconsin! Apparently it is widely celebrated in Europe... and also, apparently, is very popular in Wisconsin. Eric grew up getting little goodies in his stocking from St. Nick every morning on December 6th... so when we started dating, he put in a good word for me, and ever since St. Nick has visited me, too!

Every year St. Nick brings me some tasty candy mixed with a couple healthier options, as well as a little gift or two. This year, St. Nick caught on with my obsession with the World's Cutest Dog, Boo, and got me a little Boo book and a Christmassy Boo plush! He also brought me super-cozy socks, because he knows I suffer from a serious case of what Eric and I call "Feetabeetus" (AKA my feet are always ice cold if not swaddled in ultra-warm socks).

Have you seen Boo? He really is the cutest little dog ever. I read that book cover-to-cover already this morning and just squealed over his adorableness on every page. Whenever I feel sad, I'm going to whip out this book because I know it would cheer me up in an instant!

St. Nick must've known we're big fans of Reese's Cups in our house, because he stuffed Eric's stocking with Reese's trees and the same candy cane full of mini Reese's as well! Eric also got some Snickers bars, Christmas Nerds, beef jerky, and a new book!
That St. Nick is a pretty good gift-giver... this book is something I'd like to read, too! How thoughtful of him.

I'm really happy St. Nick has been including me in his day four the last four years. It's just another fun Christmas tradition to get excited for leading up to "The Big Show." And as Eric and I prove, you're never too old for a visit from St. Nick!

Do you celebrate St. Nick's Day? What kind of goodies does he bring you or your kids?

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  1. Yes, my St. Nick always visited when I was growing up! I hope he visits my kids too one day ;)


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