Smell ya later, 2012!

Oh hey, it's 2013! How'd you ring in the new year? For me, New Year's Eve always has this weird pressure to be the best night ever, but usually ends up fairly lame and full of disappointment (how's that for a cheerful sentiment on this, the birth of another splendid year?). Rather than elbowing people in a crowded bar, Eric and I decided this year to avoid the crowds and take in a double feature at a local movie theater. We spent over six hours in the theater yesterday, from 3-9:30pm, and it was actually a terrific idea. We saw two movies that couldn't be more different: "Django Unchained" and "Les Miserables." I really enjoyed both, but the hype around "Les Miserables" left me wanting just a bit more from the film. That being said, give Anne Hathaway an Oscar, please. While you're at it, dole some out to Christoph Waltz, Leo DiCaprio and Samuel L Jackson, as well. (Though the last three would have to fight for Supporting Actor, making this feat impossible... and I've only seen two Oscar-contending movies so far this season... thus my biased request). 

Anyway, the night ended with Eric and I coming home from the movie theater, complaining about how the New Year's Eve specials on TV started way too late, and then fell asleep by 11:15. Happy New Year's Rockin' Eve, everyone!

That being said, dang am I glad this year is finally upon us. It was a year ago that Eric and I set the date for our wedding, and in January 2012, May 2013 couldn't seem any further away. But yet, here we are, in the year of my favorite number (13)... and boy, oh boy, is it going to be a good one! Obviously, the #1 thing that I'm looking forward to this year is getting married.... May 18th is going to be here before I know it, and while I've had a blast being engaged for the past year, I'm ready for our wedding day to be here! That being said, my head is spinning with everything that I still need to get done for the big day..... it's going to be a busy first half of the year, that's for sure.

Aside from, you know, pledging my undying love and commitment and that whole changing my last name thing, 2013 is also the year I'll attend my 10-year high-school reunion. Yeesh... was it really 10 years ago? Sometimes I look back and feel like it was even longer ago... and sometimes I feel like I was just there. At any rate, even though Facebook does make these reunions slightly obsolete, I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of old classmates on something other than the Internet.

As far as this past year goes, I certainly can't complain. It's been an incredible year from start to finish. Lots of wedding planning, naturally, but also some big steps. In November, I left the job that brought me to Milwaukee four and a half years ago, and began a wonderful new job, working for a school, which I absolutely adore. We also welcomed a new family member into our home... little squat-legged Lieu Lieu (Lieutenant Dan) entered our home and, although it took a while for she and Mr. Pancakes to get along, everyone's happy and the little gal completes our home and gives us plenty of laughs. I may have slacked on a few of the home projects I wanted to complete in 2012, but when saving for a wedding there are some things that you just have to put on the back burner. 

While we're talking about last year, I wanted to go over some of the goals I set for myself around this time a year ago.... As yearly goals tend to do, some weren't completed and others were. And that's okay. But here's a round up of the goals I set for myself, and how they actually turned out....

  •           For the love of God, finally get that 1:55 half marathon! < Complete! In May last year, I finally cracked that elusive 1:55, setting a half marathon PR of 1:54:31. I was so incredibly proud!
  •           Seriously, get a least one article published in a magazine (I said this last year...). < Hey, ya see how I said "I said that last year?" Well.... didn't happen in 2012, either. Ugh. Mark my words, someday in the next 10 years I'll finally accomplish this goal.... or at least try to even attempt to try it.
  •           New updates to the kitchen. Hello new backsplash and (double hooray!) a dishwasher!!! < Okay, so this one was a 50% success. The backsplash was completed this summer, but due to unforeseen circumstances (the previous owners of this house installed the countertops a lower-than-standard height, so finding a dishwasher that will fit has been an issue), the dishwasher may be delayed a bit further into 2013.
  •          Begin plans for finishing the basement. < Well, plans definitely have been talked about... but as the year went on, our sights were set on a slightly larger house project.... the possibility of adding an addition upstairs. So the basement may be put on hold after our addition.
  •           Plan the coolest wedding there ever was. < Obviously this one has been in the works all year. But as I spent an entire year plan, now it's time to stop the planning and start the doing!
  •           Get married? Eric and I aren’t sure if the wedding will take place in 2012 or if it will need to be pushed back to 2013. < I wrote these goals a few days before we set our wedding date. The venue we wanted was booked solid for 2012, so on January 2nd I called and reserved our wedding date... a whole year and a half away, on May 18, 2013. 

  This year I'd like to steer clear of too many set goals fr the year. Really, there are only a couple of things I truly care to accomplish this year, and here they are:
  • Get married. Well, heck, if this isn't the biggest and best goal one could ever make for a year, I don't know what is. I've felt a lot of pressure while planning our wedding. I know there are certain expectations for it, and while I'd like to meet all those expectations, I know it won't be possible. While I want it to be the best wedding ever, at the end of the day, after all the decorations are made, the music danced to and the details slaved over, none of those things are going to matter. It won't be anything I make or plan or serve that will make it the best wedding ever, what will make it the best wedding ever is the fact that I'm marrying the dude that makes me laugh more than anyone and who shares a similar love for wearing sweatpants and falling asleep early.
  • Get back down to my Spring 2010 weight. Man, I really hate weight-related goals, but this one simply must be accomplished. I've been pretty lenient with myself in the fitness/nutrition area for the past few months, and I've put on a few pounds. Nothing major, but just some weight I don't want around on my wedding day. So yesterday I started another round of P90X, a program that has always worked for me, and am going to work hard to lose about 8-10 pounds. I've done it before, and I know I can do it again.
  • Remove the two gross trees from our front yard! I'm almost as excited for this as I am the wedding (kidding.... maybe?). I hate those gross old trees and can't wait until they're removed and we can have a real, pretty yard where grass grows and pine needles don't fall everywhere. Hallelujah!

  And that's it, everyone! Simple, short, meaningful and attainable. I'll leave the lofty goals for a year where I'm not under so much pressure.

22013 will be the best year. Period.

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