Tick Tock Thrift Clock

Not much makes me happier than finding an incredible piece for the home for an even more incredible price. At this point, I'd say roughly 75% of the decor in our living and dining rooms have been thrift-store scores. I love giving a second life to an under-appreciated piece. Sometimes, all something needs is a little attention and a minor facelift and it's nearly good as new.

And sometimes these old pieces don't need any kind of upgrade at all.

This is the case with our newest beauty, an incredible, embroidered clock that Eric brought home from the "magic" thrift store where he's found so many treasures for our home. Last week, he told me he'd found something he knew I would love, and if I didn't, well, then maybe he didn't know me at all. But, thankfully, he was right. I loved it.... no only did I love it, but I adore it... it's so pretty and unique. 

I mean, this looks like something you could buy from Anthropologie for $300... but here is sits in our house after having paid just $10 for it. These are the things the "thrifter's high" is made of.

We decided to replace another thrift store clock in our living room with this one. It adds a bit of whimsy and a pop of color on the gray wall. Underneath it, we've place our framed commissioned art of us. It's currently my favorite little space in the house!

Any recent thrift-store finds from any of you? What's the biggest "score" you've ever found?


  1. I live in the area...where would I find this magical thrift store?? I'm always looking for a good deal! That clock is super cute by the way!!

    1. Hi Maria, it's called the Bethesda Lutheran Communities Thrift Shop in Hales Corners. We always manage to find the greatest little treasures there!

  2. Worthy clock information! I've read your article "Tick Tock Thrift Clock". Great sharing!


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