Your Weekly Pins

Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...


]How cute is this polka-dotted room? The simple pattern is certainly not overwhelming in this space, but gives such a sweet little touch.]

[I like these Southwest-inspired pillow from Amber Interiors... In fact, I'm kind of crazy about all of pillows in this shop!]


[How cute are these orange-colored while chocolate-dipped strawberries for Easter? They look just like tiny, pudgy carrots!]

[Peeps are a treat all on their own, but added to these Easter-y S'mores Cookie Pops, they're even sweeter! I love the twist on the traditional s'more... in more ways than one!]

[These sugar-donut muffins sound delicious. Supposedly they taste just like sugary donut holes, but in a fluffy muffin form! They'd make such a great addition to a guest breakfast table.]


[I've been crushing on this look for a while now... A longer pleated skirt with a casual t-shirt on top. It's laid-back, but pretty and feminine. Now only if warmer weather would come so I could finally bust out this look without freezing to death!]

[I love the patchwork-like detail to this dress. The pretty pastels, the feminine shape... it's all just pretty and just the littlest bit bohemian. Perfect for spring!]

[I am crazy about this dress! The nude underlay and the pretty pop of hot pink lace... it's just gorgeous. If it weren't $300 you better believe this would be my rehearsal dinner dress for sure!]


[I stumbled across Twisted Sifter's series of Disney characters drawn as if they were real-life women they other day, and I absolutely love it! Sure, they're still illustrations, but it's interesting to see these animated character drawn so lifelike.]


[Have your flower girl walk down the aisle with a big balloon rather than a basket of flowers... I love this sweet idea, and I'm sure the flower girl would love a huge balloon all her own, as well!]

[How stunning is this ombre-inspired floral arrangement on the backs of the chairs at this reception? I'm sure it cost a fortune to do this, but what a gorgeous result!]

[I love the simple, straightforward ceremony program blown up and painted on a large wooden plank on display and this wedding ceremony. Certainly a statement piece for sure!]

There are plenty where these came! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest.


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