Meet the newest addition (in a home that is currently bursting with updates... but more on that later), to our home. This, my friends, is the card catalog I've been coveting for years. Well, not that I was coveting this exact card catalog, but I've been scouring Craiglist, antique/thrift stores and Internet sites for years looking for one of these babies (at an affordable price) for years. And now, here she is. In our house. I know I shouldn't get so wrapped up in something so material, but I am so excited to finally have the card catalog I've been looking for!

This was a surprise wedding gift from Eric's mom, who found it at a school sale and bought it for us. I was almost brought to tears as it was carried into our house - I'd all but given up a long time ago on finding one of my own! But what a thoughtful, wonderful gift. It currently sits next to our front door, in the space where one of the walls we recently tore down used to be. It's the perfect little welcome furnishing, and its little drawers will be the perfect catch-alls for all the little things around the house that need a space to live.

Now, for an update on our home renovation: After nearly a month of demo, building and living in a fine coating of drywall dust, our first-floor renovation is finally complete! The contractors have packed up and taken their tools and building materials away. All that's left is the work Eric and I need to do: some sanding, staining and painting up the plaster patches. I promise I will share everything as soon as it's complete... I may even share how things look as of now, just because I'm dying for you to see what a transformation our house has made!

But as for now, feast your eyes on the beauty above. She's a perfect fit in our ever-transforming little home.


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