Bridesmaid gifts

I know I'm totally jumping all over the place with wedding detail updates, but because I've got all the photos ready from the bridesmaid gifts I gave to my gals, we'll start there!

When it came to bridesmaid gifts, I wanted to focus on getting them things that weren't specific to that day; something they could use or wear again. There are some really cute "bridesmaid-specific" gifts out there, but, I mean, how often are you going to wear that "Maid of Honor" tank top after the big day? So in my quest to gift the girls, I kept it at things they could use the day of our wedding, but also afterwards.

I debated whether to get each of the girls clutches that they could carry that day. Then I thought how rarely I use a clutch these days, so I thought a personalized tote might be a little more practical. The Wedding Chicks shop has dozens of really adorable, customizable tote bag options, and around the beginning of the year, they had a huge 50% off sale covering everything in their shop... so I scored these cute, colorful bunting totes for a great price!

Inside the tote I included all the other little gifts, like some fantastic foldable flats that they could change into later that night for dancing. I'd had the idea to gift everyone foldable flats sometime last year, and kept my eye out for deals. Over the winter I came across a Living Social deal for these Fit in Clouds flats, buy one get one free. I couldn't turn down that deal, so I purchased a few. I had to ask each of the girls their shoe size to ensure I got the right size for everyone, but I think so much time had passed between when I asked and the wedding that they probably forgot about it! I also bought a pair for myself, which I happily switched into before the dancing began that night!

The next gift I got each girl was this cute, rose gold "bow" necklace. I found them on Etsy, and even bought one for myself because I thought they were so cute! Inside each little box, I included a note that said "Thanks for helping me tie the knot!" 

Finally, I made each of the girls customized Cabochon earrings that matched the color of their dresses. I bought the Cabochon (flower) beads and glued them to metal earring posts and added rubber backs to each, then poked them through these kraft paper tags stamped with each of their initials. I couldn't believe my luck that I managed to find such close matches to the color of each girl's dress! I love these earrings and, yes, even made a couple pairs for myself (are you seeing the trend, here?).

 The girls wore the necklaces and the earrings on our wedding day and they all looked so cute!

(We're missing my sister-in-law in this pic, but it's the only one I have so far of almost everyone!)

My bridesmaids were absolutely fantastic that day. They brought snacks and mimosas to the salon that morning, kept me calm and laughing before the ceremony and even did some emergency calling when we had some flower snafus. I couldn't have asked for a better (or more gorgeous, am I right?) crew! :)

What's the best bridesmaid gift you've ever received/seen? I love anything that can be used later!


  1. I've been in several weddings, and honestly, I don't remember any bridesmaids gifts, nothing like what you put together anyway. So sweet and well thought out, and yay for Maggie. Love her! :)

  2. Wow really nice bridesmaids gifts! I am definitely going to buy one of these. :)


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