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Now that wedding planning is o-v-e-r, over... my free time has been cleared up for very important things like.... Pinterest. So we're finally back with a new edition! Here's what caught my attention on Pinterest this week...


[These padded log stools could not be any easier (or cheaper!) to make. Perfect summertime seating for a barbecue!]

[So, yes, the wall in this room may be a little bold, but I'm more than slightly obsessed with it. the bright, happy colors... the great honeycomb design.... it would be a lot of work, but what a "wow" factor!]

[Have you ever noticed in catalogs or home design magazine that the beds are rarely ever made? But instead they're "haphazardly" layered with all these different colors and textures and more sheets and blankets than any normal human could ever fit on one bed? I want to be able to pull this look off. Half because I love the mixture of pattern and color, and half because I can get away without making the bed and it still would look good. Win win!]

[If I had a stark, plain-white room, I would brighten things up a bit with this super-bold patterned rug. I absolutely love it and its slightly bohemian vibe.]

[What a sweet, simple little bathroom in a small attic-type space. I love the beadboard walls and ceiling, and just the simplicity of it all.]


[One of my "this-is-not-necessary-but-I-want-it-anyway" wedding gifts was a KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment. I can't wait to bust that thing out to make all sorts of tasty cold concoctions (Jeni's cookbook, I'm looking at you...). The first one I make will probably be this Rhubarb Crisp ice cream. We've got rhubarb growing out the wazoo in our background, and it's begging to be turned into something delicious.]

[I totally buy into any cookie recipe whose name takes longer to say than the time it takes to wolf one down. So these Brown-butter salted-caramel Snickerdoodles caught my attention right away. Think about it: Brown butter - who doesn't love that? Salted caramel - well that makes any recipe better in my book. And a good ol' cinnamony Snickerdoodle? Why yes, please! All three of these combined are sure to make one boss baked good.]

[Once you've gorged yourself on half a dozen of the cookies above, you may be yearning for something a little on the healthier side. So whip up a batch of this Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa salad with Ginger-Peanut dressing. Doesn't the name just brighten your day? This would be the perfect side dish to a summer cookout with friends... or good just plopped into a bowl on its own!]

[Also a great dish to bring to a summer cookout? This Spicy Beer Queso with Chorizo and Black Beans. I'm sure I could eat a whole bowl of this all by myself.... with a spoon.]


[What a quick, simple and cute way to dress up a plain-old t-shirt! Add a fun-patterned pocket and, voila! A whole, fresh new look!]

[I love this pretty dress. It would be cute at the office or for a wedding guest! The bow detail up top is a great, structured touch.]

[Another great dress for summer! Pretty pastel colors and a shape that would flatter anyone, you could wear this dress anywhere, too!]


[Oh hai, little dude (or dudette)! What'cha doin' in that big ol' basket, huh?]

There are plenty more where these came from! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest.

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