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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...


[Is honeycomb the new chevron? I've been all over this design concept in home interiors lately. These DIY honeycomb shelves are pretty kickin', even without the cute trinkets adorning them!]

[Speaking of cool DIY concepts, how neat is this dresser-turned-vanity? A very unique way to turn an old piece of furniture into something special.]

[The entire home tour for this couple is so charming, but I fell head over heels for their little girls' room. So sweet at every angle!]

[I love this loft office space. From the open space to the gorgeous glass-paned walls, and especially those super-rad pulley overhead lamps. I couldn't definitely see myself working in a space like this!]


[I love this outfit - it's dressed up but laid back. That skirt is fantastic, and the fiery-red blazer makes a huge statement without being too overwhelming.]

[There's something to be said about the simple, white cotton dress. This one is farmgirl classic, refined and so pretty.]


[Here's a great tutorial on creating gorgeous ombre vases from natural dye and biodegradable paper cups. Love this dip-dye look!]

[I mean, you don't really need a tutorial for slapping a bungee cord on a slab of wood to make a pretty rad sunglasses holder like the one above, but this is a simple look I really like. So much nicer than stashing your shades in a little box!]


[Me friend Emily is known to bring over a small, vintage-print glass to sip wine out of when coming for a visit. I think it's so cute, and I could totally see her happily sipping out of one of these fun, vintage sour cream glasses the next time we have a wine-soaked evening by the fire pit.]

[I'm kind of wild over the styling of this table. The mismatched chairs are pretty neat to start, but I adore the cute cacti in pastel and neon pots. And, because I am so over the decorating-with-winebottles trend, I think it's fun and slightly more kicked back to use beer bottles as vases for poppy flowers!]

[This is one of the most ingenius ways to store fabric I've ever seen. Simply file them like folders in a filing cabinet! A fast way to see your entire stockpile of fun fabrics.]

[Squirrel chair! Because, why not?]

My wedding might be over, but I just can't stop pinning the lovelies! So I created a new board that I can fill with all sorts of pretty, fun ways to style weddings of my imaginary friends who are getting married.

[This invitation suite had me locked in instantly. I love the colors, the carnival theme, the design, the custom stamp..... everything. So adorable!]

[I thought this dinner menu printed on the actual napkin was such a unique idea - and so pretty on an old fashioned tea towel!]

[This save the date label is such a cute way to drum up excitement even before opening the actual envelope!]

There are plenty more where these came! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest.

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