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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

Fun: a spiral staircase with colorful treads.
[No, this is not a doll house. This is a super-adorable space with the cutest winding stairway ever. How could you walk into this room and not feel instantly happy? So cute!]

Explosion of color and texture
[There is a lot going on in this room. A lot of color, a lot of texture, a lot of pattern.... but I love it all... and surprisingly, I love it all crammed together in this little dining area. An explosion of personality!]
The cutest kitchen reno
[This is a really cute kitchen renovation. From the built-in wall of shelves to the classic black-and-white-tiled floors to the wood-paneled breakfast nook... it's just adorable the whole way through. Bonus points for scooting up an old school desk chair to the kitchen table!]

tumblr_mbpiasVNxj1qamv9io1_500.jpg 500×750 pixels
[Will I ever tire of mustard? Will I ever tire of it being paired with navy blue? Probably not, on both accounts. I love this slightly-retro look to pieces.]

Rose gold summer wedges.
[I can't get enough rose gold in my life. I've been obsessing over rose-gold jewelry for a while now, but now that it's making its way into footwear, I'm thinking I need to snap up a pair of these wedges right away!]
Woven Fireworks Clutch #anthropologie
[I love this bright and bold little clutch. It's like it's covered in fireworks!]

A new category! Partytime stuff! Wahoo!
Summer Outdoor Dinner Party-menu on a brown paper bag. Love this!
[What a fun idea to print a party's menu on a brown paper bag! If you want to bring home leftovers, you can wrap them up and tote them away right in the menu bag!]
Peach Cake
[I love this sweet little cake! It's super sweet, simple and straight to the point! I can see other variations going over well too: "What a [pear]," "[Apple] of my eye".... you get the picture.]
Honeycomb, press-flower cookies
[These honeycomb-shaped, pressed-flower cookies are just stunning. They're like a painting, no? They would dress up any table so beautifully.]

dip-dyed napkins
[Dip-dying is super on trend right now... but doing it yourself is so much more fun! These dip-dyed napkins would add a fun punch at the dinner table, and looks so easy to do, too!]

blooming letters
[This is a fun use for those cardboard letters you can pick up at Jo-Ann's.... make a floral monogram! How pretty; one would look so stunning on a brightly-colored front door!]
the red thread wrapped wire speech bubble
[This craft is so simple, but I love how fun and quirky it is! Wrap some yarn around wire and make a little speech bubble! I love the one by the phone, but if you're without a land line, wouldn't one be cute next to the stove that says "yum"? Or what about hanging that "hello" on the front door? Or what about a "sleep tight" message next to a bed?! The possibilities can go on and on, my friends.]

Die cut wedding invite by Sheri McCulley Studio
[This die-cut invitation is so beautiful. I love the colors, but the unique shape would make it hard for anyone to RSVP "no" to this affair!]
pink and gold tablescape
[I am really digging this bold pink-and-gold tablescape. Those colors are so ultra girly and glam... this set up would also be so pretty for a bridal shower!]

Tissue paper fringe backdrop
[What a show-stopping backdrop! Made with a sunset of colored tissue paper, it packs a huge punch behind these geometrical cakes!]

There are plenty more where these came! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest!

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  1. your wedding table settings were notches above the featured ones…can't wait for amber's photos so you can start submitting yours! :)


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