A Change in Style

Alright, after hearing from a few readers (thank you!) who'd love more of I'm Loving Today, and realizing how much I love being a little more personal in this space, I've decided to keep it going here. It was never a question of whether I wanted to keep blogging, but rather, if I would have relevant things to blog about now that I'm posting three times a week to my home decor blog on Fresh (check out that space here).

And then I thought to myself: hey, there's a lot more to me than home design! I love to bake, travel, listen to music, exercise, have fun and be an all-around goofnerd. But mostly importantly I love to write, and having one more outlet for this passion of mine is certainly welcome. I'll continue to give home updates, DIY projects and more (I mean, it is what I love to write about most), but I want to keep this space a little different than Make, Do and Mend. A little more personal, a lot more varied, subject-wise. But because I'm proud of my work on the aforementioned blog, I'd also like to keep you current with my posts over there. So look out on the bottom of my posts for quick links to my latest work over on my other blog. You get the best of both world, people. Ain't life swell?

So, in honor of my comeback, I felt like I'm Loving Today needed a little facelift. Honestly, I've been wanting to change up the design of this blog for a long time, and I'm so happy with the simpler, sleeker style I've come up with! Easier to read, prettier, cleaner. So for all you Feedly-ers, BlogLovin-ers (or whatever else people use now that Google Reader is no more), switch on over to the physical blog and check it out! Hooray for a change in style!

Thanks again for the feedback about my uncertainty with this space. It means so much to know I have reader who care about my silly little words, no matter how trivial they may seem sometimes. You're the raddest group of folks on the 'net. You are the ones who make me want to continue what I'm doing.

So, in the words of every SNL host just after their monologue, "We've got a great show coming up. Stick around, we'll be right back!"

This week on Make, Do and Mend:

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