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Hey friends! Just checking in because I found something that I absolutely have to share with you.... it's what I believe is totally going to be the next Pinterest (and you know how much I love Pinterest).

It's called Keep.

Keep works a lot like Pinterest in the sense that it lets you "keep" (get it?) anything you see on any retail site to add to a wishlist or a collection. It's also filled with other things that fabulous followers of Keep have, well, kept! On every item you scroll over on Keep, you easily find the online store it's from, the name of the item and its price. The great thing about Keep is that it's strictly used to curate things specifically for purchase - you won't find any recipes, DIYs, or faded photos with an "inspiring" quote overtop (unless it's a print for sale). You can't "keep" from a site's homepage or from a blog, so this means none of the links in Keep will lead you to some random page where you can't find the item pictured (which, ahem, we all know can be a huge problem on the aforementioned site).

Pretty freaking fantastic, right?

I'm currently making some holiday gift guides to share over on Make, Do and Mend and I'm finding Keep to be the perfect place to keep all my finds in order. Plus, if you're creating a holiday wishlist of your own, this is such an easy (and beautiful) way to share all of the things you want from Santa.

I just stumbled across this site last night (thanks to my spirit animal favorite designer, Emily Henderson) and I'm already head-over-heels in love. What a genius idea!

Go on over to Keep and sign up right away! I know you'll love it just as much as I do. And while you're at it, be sure to follow me, my collections, and everything I keep. I'd love to follow you back!

P.S. This post was in NO way sponsored by Keep. I just love brilliant things on the Internet that people far more brilliant that I have brilliantly brought into my life. And when I love something, I love to share it with everyone around me. So hop to it!

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