Bathroom Updates, One by One...

I've been a busy bee with home projects, lately. I'm not sure if it's polar-vortex-induced cabin fever or that fact that I've had some extra days here and there to get things done. Whatever the case, a lot's been going on, and I'm pretty excited to share all the latest little updates with you!

Last week I shared our pretty new coral bathroom, which I keep loving more every day. But what I haven't shared yet is the little update to the back of the bathroom door.
This, too, is something I'm loving more every day. It adds so much character to the room! And dresses up that drab old hollow-core door. I've got the how-to up over on Make, Do and Mend, so hop on over and check it out if you're so inclined!

You know when you're just kind of drifting around a thrift store or rummage sale and something just jumps out at you? Your eye catches that strange little whatever-it-is and you're not quite sure why you love it, but you do. That's what happened to me while traipsing through Goodwill last weekend and I saw this framed print:

Or, I guess it's more of a framed page from an old calendar? Either way, it stood out to me. Maybe that's the cat lady in me speaking, but I just thought this was so interesting. Then, I remembered I'd wanted to find some black wall art to work into the bathroom (yes, I've decided to retire "SPLISH SPLASH" since painting the bathroom). This was black. And coral! And a hint of green! It would work perfectly in the bathroom. I only wish the month of March held any significance to either of us...

I took it home, hung it on the wall and stood back to admire. It works perfectly in the room! A great stumbled-upon item. Thrift store frame areas can seriously be such a treasure trove of interesting finds. Just have to do a little digging, is all.

Another bathroom update: I found pretty much the perfect antique frame to create a mirror for the space. I'd been wanting something with a vintage feel, something not so crisp and clean-lined. So as I was doing a little browsing at Bay View Trading Co., a great little antique shop just a few blocks down from my house, I noticed a beautiful, yet beat-up frame hanging on the wall. I loved how worn it was, but the fact that it was still so pretty and ornate. I bought the frame, and the next day took it to a local glass shop to have a mirror custom cut to fit it.

Less than 24 hours later, the mirror was ready to be picked up! I took it home, hung it on the wall and the "new" mirror completely transformed the feel of the room. It made everything just a bit moodier, a bit edgier. I love this mirror so much.

Obviously, trying to photograph a mirror is difficult. You're always going to get weird reflections no matter what angle you shoot from. So after a while I gave up and just put myself out there. I mean, I was already working with the worst lighting imaginable, so what the hey?

There I am.

And this is me again, being super awkward for life.

Yay, antiquey, custom mirrors! Yay, little, fun bathrooms updates!

I've got so much more to fill you in on, but for today, I'll stop at three.

Are you a wintertime busybody like me? It's just the best time to get things done. Summer is for playing, am I right?


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