True Colors - A Bathroom Makeover

Since we moved into our home two and a half years ago, we've never really been crazy about our downstairs bathroom. It's small, short on storage and, most of all, we just didn't like its pea-soup wall color.

It wasn't terrible, just not our favorite color. But we decided to live with it. Not that changing the wall color was a huge undertaking; we just never got around to it. Until a couple of weeks ago.

During my holiday downtime, I decided to task myself with repainting our bathroom. I'd pick a color that would brighten up the room and make it a bit more airy and fresh. So I headed out to Home Depot and selected a beautiful super-light robin's egg blue (Behr's Spa color, to be exact). It was a very pretty color on the paint chip, but when I saw it up on the bathroom wall, it just seemed so boring to me.

Super safe, right? I'd seen this color in bathrooms so many times before - I mean, the color's name, Spa, should have tipped me off right there. It was blah. It was bland. It definitely wasn't our style.

So over the weekend I was thinking of how to make the most of this blah color. The only remedy I could think of was repainting - but what color? I did some soul searching (read: poring over my favorite design blogs), and decided to go with something fun, bold and peppy.

Coral was the answer.

So, just over a week after I'd initially painted the bathroom, I set out to do it again. I felt a little masochistic putting myself through the tedious process of painting so soon, but I had a free Saturday and once coral was on my mind, I couldn't shake the thought. I drove back to Home Depot, spent about 15 minutes comparing various shades of coral, selected my perfect color, and got to work. After two coats of Behr's Juicy Passionfruit plus primer, I fell instantly in love with our "new" bathroom.

It's fun and unexpected and just a beautiful, bold color. And, trust me, even though it's got a hint of pink, Eric's a big fan too. I'm a thousand times happier with it than with the Spa color. It's perfect for the small space.

I also love how you catch just a pop of it when standing out in the main living area. Between our light teal kitchen and minty guest bedroom, it's a bold splash of pep. 

The only thing to decide on now is a new light fixture (I loathe the one that's there now... super granny-ish), and new shelving to the right of the mirror (and I wouldn't mind trading in that mirror, while I'm at it). I was thinking maybe white open shelving with minimalistic gold brackets, maybe? But then I'd feel like I need to swap out all the hardware in the bathroom to match with the gold. Things could get out of hand pretty quickly, here.

Whatever I decide to do, I'm just happy the bathroom is finally a shade we are both happy about. Our existing shower curtain even looks great with the new color! Such a welcome change in a little room that we've never been able to do much with.

Now, I'm just a little tempted to splash this pretty coral color elsewhere in the house. Don't be surprised if you see it pop up here and there in the future...


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