The Weekend

Although, frankly, I'm getting pretty fed up with winter at this point (I know, I know... I live in Wisconsin, I should be used to it by now), sometimes I love snowy, freeze-y early-February weekends where my calendar is clear and all I have to worry about is changing out of my lounge-leggings before my half-block walk to the corner market (and sometimes, if I'm wearing a long coat and tall boots, I keep the leggings on while heading out for an errand. Shhhh....).

This weekend was a perfect, laid-back little weekend. I relaxed, accomplished some big to-do hangers-on, had some good times and even watched a little football. Also, snacks. There are always snacks.

Here was how I spent my weekend, in pictures:

Chocolate-chip pancakes, bacon and coffee. Sometimes a classic breakfast is the best kind of breakfast.

Still marveling over these glasses, which we discovered two weeks ago hanging from a hook in our yard that previously held Christmas lights. They've yet to be claimed.

 I made a fun piece of art for the bathroom, which I'll be sharing with you this week!

Saturday evening there was a gorgeous sunset, which made the rooftops in Bay View look as though they were on fire.

I lived by my mantra, making good things all weekend. I also may have enjoyed a beer or two while the making was happening.

I spent much of Sunday doting on Mr. Pancakes, who was sick as a dog cat. Poor fella was sneezing like crazy all day! He was also generally lethargic and extra sleepy. You could just tell in his face that he was so under the weather. I hope he feels better soon!

Tools were tested and Eric played electrician twice over the weekend. Once, in hanging a new light fixture, and the other fixing an outlet that was causing our treadmill some malfunction.

And finally, I made these so-delicious Chicken Pad Thai nachos for us to snack on while watching the Super Bowl/snarking on Twitter. You guys, they were so good. Make them yourself by following the recipe here.

How'd you spend your weekend? Are you suffering from wintertime cabin fever like I am?


  1. What an awesome sunset! Classic breakfasts are the best. We had that breakfast for dinner the other day :-) I'm so sick of the cold WI weather. I'm all for relaxing weekends in doors, but it's getting a little out of hand. We can't even get outside and enjoy all the snow we've been having.

    1. Maria, I am SO with you there. For the first time in about three years we've had plenty of snow around for cross-country skiing, but we haven't even been able to go out once because of extreme cold. I've never been more ready for spring!


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