What I'm Loving Loving Today: Vintage Seed Packet Stamps

This time last year, I was trolling the US Postal Service web site, hoping they'd soon release a pretty, colorful spring-like stamp that would look beautiful, fun and unique on the envelopes of our wedding invitations.

Sadly, my dream stamp (a phrase I'd never thought I'd hear myself say) wasn't released on time, so I was forced to use the plain ol' boring wedding cake stamps you see on pretty much every wedding invitation you receive these days. Fast forward to last week. I found myself at the post office for the first time in a while, in need of a few stamps. I looked over at the selection available and was instantly struck by the soft colors of the Vintage Seed Packet sleeve of stamps. They were so pretty!

The stamps are based on actual seed packets dating from 1910-1920. Apparently these stamps were originally released last April, just a couple weeks after we sent out our invitations. Aw, nuts.That I'm just learning of their existence now is a testament to the fact that I do not mail things in the actual, physical, paper mail more than probably three times a year. But now that I have these pretty little stamps, I think I'll find some excuses.

I just thought these were so pretty I had to share. So buy 'em up if your local post office has 'em for sale.

So now I've managed to do two things today I never thought I would: Type the words "my dream stamp" and write a blog post dedicated to postage stamps. If 21-year-old me could see how far I've come....

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