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Another Friday, another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

Killer nursery 
[The first image I saw of this nursery was a straight-on photo of the crib, with its cute pillows and that adorable kint heart blanket (the photo of the donkey overhead is pretty sweet, too). But when I saw this angle, with the gold triangle-painted ceiling, I think I mouthed "YES" as soon as I saw it. So, so cool.]

[Who needs upper cabinets when the ones below are decked out in amazing colors? Love the bubblegum pink and tangerine orange mixed with wood. And the hanging pots, pans, towels and utensils overhead? Just lovely.]

Ummm... hi, loft bedroom. 
[Oh hi, lofted bedroom. I love your barn-style ceilings, your stark white walls and pops of color. What a great little space.]

[I've got a few dream pieces of home decor, but I think the one that may top my list is a scene-stealing spiral staircase. Not the most practical, but can you imagine cascading up or down one of these babies every day?]


Honey Chipotle Chicken Bowls with Lime Quinoa I howsweeteats.com 
[I think with all the snow and frigid temperatures, fresh summer food is on my mind. These honey chipotle chicken bowls with lime quinoa sound both light and refreshing and filling, too. That's one gorgeous bowl up there, filled with some of my all-time favorite ingredients.]
Roasted Sweet Potato Huevos Rancheros 
[Could I eat sweet potatoes at every meal? Probably. And happily. This roasted sweet potato huevos rancheros dish looks super delicious. I'd gobble it up for breakfast, lunch or dinner.]

[I guess I've been craving Tex-Mex, because I also want to make these lightened-up beef enchiladas right away. Any kind of comfort food that can be healthified and still taste comforting is totally alright with me.]

[And finally, because not all things can be healthy, but they should involve sprinkles, I want these, the happiest cupcakes in the world, in my life right now.] 

Sailing stripes.
[Can it be summer yet so I can wear this cute stripey dress? No? Well can I wear it now anyway?]

Stripes and tulle 
[Well, if it can't be summer, can it at least be fall so I can wear this cute striped shirt with tulle skirt? No? Well can I wear it now anyway?]

[I'm not sure what kind of person could pull off this bold of a dress, but I'm pretty positive it's not a person like me. It is fun to dream about wearing, though.]


[Pallet projects seem like they're kind of on the outs right now, but that doesn't mean you can't make these cute mini pallets out of wooden paint sticks! Adorable!]

[What would I do with these mini wire hangers after making them? I have no idea. They're just cute. And I wanna.]

Oh my gosh, this card.
[Nothing's more awkward on Valentine's Day than being in a kinda-new relationship and not really sure if you should be celebrating with your significant other... or person you're talking to.... or that guy you've been on three dates with or....... So, why not make things even more awkward (and hilarious) by giving him/her this card?]

There are plenty more where these came! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest.

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