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Happy Friday, gang! After two days of above-freezing temperatures (break out the shorts, folks!), I awoke this morning to blustery, 45-mph winds swirling new snow around the neighborhood, smacking me in the face as I stepped out of my house. Have I mentioned yet that I am so. over. winter? I am.

Let's move on. It's Friday, and that means a whole new week of pin-worthy finds. Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...


Love this!
[You know I love a big white room with pops of color, but I'm ultra wild about the white-painted boards on the floor, walls and ceiling of this space. It makes everything seem so big and bright!] 

Large Mid Century Shelving Wall Unit Walnut
[I love this big, grid-like shelving unit. It's both a storage solution and a beautiful art piece on the wall. And the way it's styled here? Just perfect.]

[How pretty is this gallery wall? I love how it has a specific color palette and everything hanging fits perfectly. However, it's just mix-and-match enough to be interesting and not matchy.]

[What a fun little office-space corner. Colorful, bright (thanks to the hanging globe lights--love those) and filled with inspiring prints and sayings. "Today I am excited about everything" just may be my new mantra.] 


[Oh, hi Indoor S'more Sundae. You look delicious. And like something that I should be enjoying right now. Can I have you?]

[Maybe I'm a cat lady for saying this (and maybe I am anyway), but I would scream and die of happiness if somebody baked me this cat cake for my birthday. You've got six weeks to learn how.]


[I've really been loving on ankle boots hard this season. Some days you just don't feel like wearing tall boots, y'know? I like these because they're fun, could go with anything and have just a tiny hint of cowboy boot flair. Want.]

[This girl looks like she's having a blast. Probably because she looks cute as heck in that striped midi skirt and knotted blouse. See? This outfit's so cute it got me to voluntarily say the word "blouse." That's big, people.

candy kabob 
[Grilling season is just around the corner (please?), but who needs meat and veggies when you can make a gummy candy kabob?? These are the things my dreams are made of.]

happy weekend! 

^^^^ The above, times a thousand, to you all.

There are plenty more where these came from. To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest!

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