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Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? I'm headed to Steven's Point, Wisconsin to run a five-mile race that will occur while it is eight degrees outside. EIGHT DEGREES. On MARCH 1ST. BUT, there will be beer there, so I will take comfort in the fact that it will be waiting for me, assuming, of course, I don't freeze first.

Anyway, let's get this show on the road. You know what Friday means: Another week of pins! Here's what caught my eye on Pinterest this week...

WANT this bathroom
[This bathroom. Am I right?! Those wall-spanning shelves are just superb and I will never tire of claw-foot tubs. And that tile? Well, of course I love it--it will soon cover the floor in my own bathroom!]

Soft and pretty
[I love this soft and pretty room. The colors are fantastic, and everything coordinates so well without being over-the-top matchy-matchy. And let's talk about that copper light fixture. Gorgeous.]

bed nook
[Tell me you wouldn't curl up in this little bed nook and just read your heart out. And I'm gaga over that quilt, as well.]

DIY a cursive wall[If you've got decent handwriting and a favorite phrase or lyric, please create this cursive accent wall in your own home. I think this is such a cool idea.]

roasted cauliflower steaks with meyer lemon relish / brooklyn supper
[For a Meatless Monday, these roasted cauliflower steaks with meyer-lemon relish would be a delicious (and beautiful) dinner.] 

Ice Cream Birthday Squares
[The recipe for a guaranteed pin from Rachel: Pretty colors + sprinkles + anything having to do with birthdays. These Ice Cream Birthday Squares have it all.]

Funnel Cake Cupcakes
[You love cupcakes. You love funnel cakes. So of course you would love a funnel cake cupcake. Too good to be true? I sure hope not.]


Chalkboard Wall Planter
[Make a vertical chalkboard herb planter for the kitchen. I love this idea - fresh herbs right within reach!]

electric blanket. cutest shop.
[I was introduced to the Electric Blanket shop in San Francisco via SF Girl by Bay this week, and I instantly fell in love. Part art gallery and part vintage clothing boutique, this is one of the cutest little shops I've ever seen. The styling is just perfect - laid back, pretty and full of charm.]

electric blanket. cutest coffee station.
[I mean, just look at Electric Blanket's adorable coffee station. I want one just like this at home.]

Matchbox Birthday Card. Serve with a cupcake.
[This is literally one of the cutest birthday ideas I've ever seen (again, this was total pin-bait for me). Decorate a match book, stick a candle inside and gift with a cupcake on the side. Best birthday card ever.]

Cupid's donut hole arrows DIY from Squirrelly Minds
[Doughnut holes are reason enough for me to attend any party, but skewered and dressed up like little glittery arrows? I am all over that.]

[If this photo doesn't melt your heart into a gooey puddle of hearts and rainbows, you, my friend, need to talk with someone.]

There are plenty more where these came from! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest.

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