I've been blogging on this here site for (more or less) five years. There have been periods of inactivity (Hello, 2013), along with stretches where I was busting out at least three posts for week (2011, the year we bought our home). There are so many times I regret not being a good blogger, not posting enough, not posting the absolute highest-quality stuff I possibly can. I refuse to post "just to post" anymore, while I also refuse to let months go by without posting a word (I still owe you guys a better round up of our wedding, including more photos... look for that as our anniversary creeps up next month). I want to be good to you guys. I want you to continue loving this space and I want to continue loving it myself.

In an effort to recommit myself to this blog, I finally got around to making an official Facebook page for it, which went live this morning. There, I'll share all blog posts, as well as other fun inside scoops on behind-the-blog kinds of things (including more photos of who has become the blog's official mascot, Mr. Pancakes...and Lieu Lieu, if I can ever get her to pose for the camera). It's been a long time coming, and I think I'm finally back to a place where I can keep up with my job, two blogs, an official Facebook page, never-ending house projects, making things I love and also working in some freelance writing while I'm at it. I'm kind of tired just thinking about all of those things, but it's the kind of tired I welcome with arms and legs and ears and appendages.

So, anyway, the main reason behind the post is to get you lovely readers over to Facebook to "like" I'm Loving Today's official page. So...do that. Please? I'm thinking of hosting a giveaway once I get close to a certain number of likes, so keep on the lookout for that. I'll announce it when the time comes.

The littler reason behind this post is to let you all know that this blog is going to lean toward a slightly broader focus going forward. Sure, it will be mainly about home decor and DIY adventures as it has been for years now, but I also want to make it a space where I can feel free to share whatever the heck is taking up space in my ding-dong ol' brain. I love sharing lifestyle posts with you (like the "29 Thoughts" from last week), and it's the kind of writing I enjoy doing most. So look out for more general posts ahead. (*Salutes* "General Posts.")

Okay, thanks for lending your ear, errrr...eyes for a bit. You guys rock and roll.

Also, if you haven't done so yet, like my page.

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