Sometimes when you run out of pots and planters, you just have to get inventive...

On my birthday, my coworkers took me out to a local tiki bar to celebrate, and this particular tiki bar serves their specialty drinks in very special mugs. On that particular occasion, I ordered a "Suffering Bastard," which was served in this beauty of a shark mug.  I mean, how am I supposed to walk into a bar and not get a drink served in a shark mug? But perhaps even more exciting than the mug itself was that, on your birthday, not only is your drink on the house, but the mug comes with it.

Stiff drink, free shark. What more can you ask for?

When I got him home, I thought it would be kind of hilarious to use him as a planter. I'd been meaning to introduce an aloe plant into our house, and it was just thin enough to fit in the jaws of this beast.

I am completely in love with just how weird this whole situation is. And am especially in love with how it looks like the shark took a huge chomp out of a green, prickly octopus, with its tentacles all sticking out.

Sorry, green, prickly octopus. It just wasn't your day.

And what's more, the hole on its snout, originally intended for a straw hole, makes the perfect little slot to water the aloe plant with.

Man, I love this thing.

So next time you're considering buying an overpriced planter at the garden center, consider making a left turn and heading to the local tiki bar. If nothing else, you'll get a strong mai tai that will give you the ridiculous idea to turn something else in your house into a goofy plant pot.

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