I've been trying my damnedest not to get sucked into all those online quizzes that are so ubiquitous on the Internet these days. Sure, I've fallen into the trap of some. Of course I want to know which  "Freaks and Geeks" character I am (Nick! My favorite Freak!) or what my actual High School Superlative is (Class Clown--which, fun fact, was my actual Superlative), or, naturally, what kind of cat I am (Hairless. I demand a recount.). However, there's too many of them out there now, half of which don't pertain to me at all ("Which Famous Knight Are You?" Um, come again?) and, honestly, they're frivolous time wasters (but never too frivolous when it comes to learning the answer of which "Friends" character is your lobster).

Unless one of those quizzes is going to tell you which amazing, talented celebrity decorator "gets" you.

Obviously, this one is right in my wheelhouse, and considering the decorators in question are five of my absolute, all-time favorites, including my imaginary best friend Emily Henderson, there's no way I wasn't jumping all over this one.

Emily Henderson, Jonathan Adler, Kelly Wearstler, the Property Brothers, Nate Berkus

It's a pretty darn fun quiz--take it yourself! You basically just pick which pillows you like, which paint color is more "you," what gorgeous scenery would your dream home would be placed in and what's well-stocked on your bar cart.

I carefully considered my answers, sometimes torn between options (the pillow question was harder for me than most on my ACT exam), but eventually I reached the end, and....


HOORAY! Obviously, this means that we really are supposed to be real-life best friends, even if we live half a country away. Our bond is strong, and I know we can make it work. Also, I know when most of these quizzes that send you off with a "wrap up" answer as to why you're this character, thing, animal, knight... the answers don't exactly match up with who you really are/think you are. But gang, at the risk of coming off narcissistic here, this one is spot on. Not saying I'm "the cool girl," but you know how much I love flea-market finds, antiques and DIYs. Those last two sentences describe me to a T.

Anyway, Em herself (I can call her that now) took the quiz and the write-up about it on her own blog is absolutely hilarious. Caught in a defining moment of existential turmoil, she really hemmed and hawed over answers, worrying that she wouldn't see her own photo after finishing the quiz. She's a riot, so after you take the quiz for yourself, head on over to her blog and read about her own experience, question by question.

And let me know which decorator you get, too!


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