Hey... it's Friday, the sun is shining in Milwaukee and there's rumor that it might hit 70 degrees (inland). That is reason enough for a thousand virtual high fives to you, my friends. It's also reason enough to share some of the things that have been grabbing my attention on Pinterest. Here goes!


Home is where your heart is. | Jessica Silversaga
[I love the rugged simplicity of this bathroom. The classic white subway tile on the walls and the mini hexagon tiles on the floor...both decked out with dark grout. I love the old sink on beat-up legs and I especially love all the brass plumbing in the room. It reminds me of a little bathroom you'd find in an old French hotel.]

Design*Sponge Sneak Peek: The nook”: This is our wee little guest room (well, I may have taken a few naps in there as well.) The back wall is Krylon chalkboard paint with rubbed chalk. The lights are from Target and the bed is Ikea.
[If there's space for it, everyone should have a napping nook like this one. A little tucked away corner with dreamy lights and a chalkboard accent wall for jotting down thoughts. Love this little space.]

Image Via: Remain Simple
[I guess I've just been drawn to stark white spaces recently? There's something to be said for a well-styled kitchen. The baby-pink coffee maker and bowl up on the shelf are basically perfection together, and mix in those little patterned mugs and copper mule mugs and it's just all so gorgeous.]

Trend to Try: Half Painted Zigzag Walls
[Just to prove that, yes, this is Rachel and she does still have a thing for bright colors, I have to include this sweet kid's room. I love, love, love the jagged, almost "mountaintop" paint job on the wall, and all the colors are just so sweet together without being too saccharine.]

Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Tacos with Lime Crema Recipe on twopeasandtheirpod.com LOVE these healthy tacos!
[With the weather warming up, I say bring on the bright, fresh flavors, like these roasted cauliflower and chickpea tacos. Don't they look delicious? Serve 'em up with a margarita and that's one awesome summer dinner.]

cake with edible flowers | designlovefest
[This simple cake had me smitten all dressed up with scatters of edible flowers. It's understated, beautiful and so fun with its smattering of bright colors.]

Chocolate mousse pie with peanut butter whip + pretzel crust by Ashlae | oh, ladycakes,
[There's basically nothing that Ashlae at Oh, Ladycakes makes that I don't want to devour right away (girl makes vegan baking look like child's play). But when she posted this chocolate mousse pie with peanut butter whip and pretzel crust on our mutual birthday last Friday, I basically stumbled all over myself to pin this recipe away for the next rainy day.]


Aplomb Aplenty: Bold Stripes + Bright Florals.
[I think this is just the sweetest outfit. Love the mix of patterns while matching the red in both the skirt and shirt. So cute for summer.]

Converse All Star Sneakers for Unisex
[I've got a dilemma. I want these white Converse All Stars but also I know my history with white shoes...I'll wear them to a show, they'll get trampled on and then I'll, well, continue wearing them because hey I spent good money on them and what am I going to do, just throw them away because they're a little grungy? I'm on the fence about buying them, even though I think they'd be so fun to wear with skinny jeans and a lose t-shirt this summer.]

maxi dress and knotted tee
[I like the idea of dressing down a maxi dress or skirt by topping it with a plain ol' t-shirt, then tying it at the waist, early-'90s style. This is a great look for the summer street festival scene.]

Heart Straw - Pack Of 20
[Do I have an event in mind where I'd use these heart straws? No. Do I care? No. Do I still want them so I can drink Moscow Mules through them all summer? Absolutely.]

Sunny Life Beach Radio - SO cute, want this!!
[This is a portable radio and it's completely something that I do not need whatsoever but, I mean, come on.... the colors are so cute and it looks like a little happy robot that just wants to make your beach party more fun with bubblegum pop tunes.]

"Rachy Likey" is a new-ish board that's quickly become one of my favorites. I just fill it up with random things that stand out to me... fun colors, cute ideas, beautiful pictures....anything that makes me stop and look at it for a bit longer than I would anything else. 
polka dot mini cheesecakes
[From the food styling to the overall shoot styling I love everything about this pic.]

[From now on, I'm never not going to top my succulent pots in anything but hot pink gravel. Mark my words.]

little pink beach shacks
[I don't know where this magical beach is that's filled with sherbet-colored cabanas but I want to rent one for the day and eat cupcakes in there.]

pastel + nude.
[Can I have all of these chairs? I'll even mount them all on a wall if it means I can have them all. In those colors exactly.]


stop it
[And, just because it's Friday and I don't know if you've met your quota of seeing big, floppy puppy ears for the week.....here you go. This one's on me.]

There are plenty more where these came from! To see everything I pin all week long, follow me on Pinterest.

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