Hey, remember approximately a hundred years ago when I broke the news that we're adding on to our house? What if I told you I'm currently writing this very post from my brand-new office space in our brand-new second floor???

Well, I'd be lying if I told you that. It'd be a lie. Because that space doesn't exist.

We'd hoped that our new addition to the second floor, as well as our new front porch, would be finished by September. But here we are in the first week of September and not a thing has happened. About a month or so ago, the original contractor we'd chosen to go with contacted us, breaking the news that the original quote we'd agreed on wouldn't be possible...but it would have to go up by $13,000. Ummmm..... WUT? Absolutely not. We were pretty frustrated by the situation, and the contractor said they'd understand if we decided against using them, which was exactly what we did. It was just too much.

So there we were, with no contractor and precious summer construction-time dwindling. We went back to another contractor who'd given us a similar quote to the first one, and explained the situation. He looked over the work scope, the drawings and the contract the other company had drawn up. After looking it over he assured us they could do the job for the price of the original quote. He was confident, knowledgable and perfectly realistic about what we wanted done. What's more, his company had built two houses on our block already, and we've been inside of each, so we've seen the beautiful work they can do. We were set.

The only problem was, in the time we'd selected the other contractor, this company had already taken on a couple more jobs for the year. Construction wouldn't even be able to start until November, so with the looming danger of snow and another Wisconsin winter-pocalypse (thanks, Farmers' Almanac) on its way, there's no way we could start then. The addition has been put on hold.

We're hoping to get everything underway early next spring. What's a few more months of waiting, right? We'll have a few more months to save up for the downpayment, a few more months to think of finishes and decor. We'll have a few more months to build anticipation, and when it's done, we'll be able to enjoy our new porch all summer (hopefully). After all this time, we're not too broken up about waiting a little bit longer. When it homes to construction, nothing gets done in the time you expect it to, so now that we've learned this lesson, it'll make the payoff twice as sweet.


  1. Can I ask who you originally went with and now who you are now going with to do the construction of the upstairs? We are looking for a contractor in Bay View.


    1. Hi Kate!

      I don't want to mention the original contractor, because I'd hate to put any negativity out there about them, calling them by name. But we are currently working with KL Construction, who have been incredible to work with so far in the process. Really knowledgeable, up front and honest. Plus they've done a lot of construction around Bay View, in homes that we have been inside and can see their work—they've done some excellent work while still keeping the "Bay View feel" of the homes they've built.

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