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            Silane coupling agent DC-Si69S
            2018-09-05 23:01

            Chemical Name: Mixture of bis-[3-(triethoxysilyl)-propyl]-tetrasulfide and Silica
            Appearance: White powder.

             Appearance White Powder
            Specific gravity (25) 1.25 ± 0.10
            Weight Lose in 105/10min (%) 5.0%
            Application: DC-Si69S is a kind of multifunctional silane coupling agent that has been used successfully in the rubber industry.
             DC-Si69S can be used in the vulcanized rubber system with fillers such as silica, fiberglass, talc powder, mica powder and clay as reinforcing agent. It can improve the reinforcing properties of fillers and rubber abrasive resistance properties.
             It is suitable to be used as rubber additive---vulcanizing agent and activator in polymers such as NR, IR, SBR, BR, NBR and EPDM.
             In the process of vulcanization, the crosslinking rate of sulfur alkyl is the same as deoxidizing rate of sulfur, so it act to resist deoxidizing of vulcanization of sulfur, and then improve dynamic bending properties such as heat build up and cracks expansion .The sulfur atoms can act as activator for vulcanization.
             In dynamic and static conditions, It is used for producing these rubber products: tire, hose, rubber roll, belting, cable, shoe and mechanical founding products. It can improve abrasive resistance, cutting resistance and pressure resistance, reduce hysteresis loss and hygroscopicity , improve mechanical and adhesive properties, increase thermal ageing performance, modulus and flex life.
            Dosage: Recommend dosage:1.0-6.0 PHR
            Package and storage:
            (1) 10 kg in plastic bag.
            (2) Sealed storing:Keep in the cool, dry and well-ventilated place.
            (3) Storage life:Longer than six months in normal storing conditions.


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