Life goes better when you're focusing on the things you love. Luckily for me, I find a new obsession almost every single day. From doing my best to balance life between running and Reese's Cups to fumbling through DIY projects in an attempt to make my first home a place that's unique, livable and a source for inspiration, I share it all here - whether you're ready for the nitty-gritty details or not.

Born and raised in Ohio, I've been living in my favorite city in the world, Milwaukee, since July of 2008, loving every second of it. I run for fun and bake for my sweet tooth. I purchased (with my husband Eric... you'll see him around here every now and then) my first home in May of 2011 and don't subscribe to the Crate & Barrel rules of design. If you can find it in a store, chances are you can make it yourself (or at least try, get frustrated and then down a pint of ice cream)! I love making my home a place that I love in the city I love and invite you along for the (sometimes turbulent) ride!

My writing, elsewhere...
The Milwaukee Record - I write about arts/entertainment/city life in Milwaukee
Make, Do and Mend - my very own home-design-centric blog for the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel's lifestyle site, Fresh.
The Samizdat - Essays, whatever's on my mind. A site filled with smart words from great people from the place where I grew up.

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